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What's The Script With Defensive Coaching At Lennoxtown ?
What's the script with defensive coaching at Lennoxtown?

What's the script with defensive coaching at Lennoxtown? Do we even do it? We've been horrific defensively for as long as I can remember, particularly in Europe. Even Virgil Van Dijk couldn't prevent us from taking pumpings off the likes of Molde and Legia Warsaw.It's something that's always noticeable when we're playing against these teams in Europe as well. Teams from so-called footballing backwaters, such as Romania and Kazakhstan, with budgets just a fraction of ours and 30-something journeymen in their defence always organise their back-line so much better than ours, and its causes us all sorts of problems.

I know there is always an onus on Celtic to play attractive, attacking football - and that can lead to gaps in defence and opportunities to get caught out on the counter, but there just doesn't seem to be any sort of shape or organisation in our defending at all.

I know results such as last night's no longer come as a surprise to many of us, but losing 4 goals at home to such a low-ranked team is a new low even by the standards of our previous European failures. There needs to be a full enquiry into why that was allowed to happen, and that needs to start with a close examination of how our defenders are being coached - and possibly a complete reevaluation of our defensive coaching set-up.

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