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Unfair Coverage - We Were An Afterthought
Fair play to every man woman and child who has kept the faith with Lenny!

Fair play to every man woman and child who has kept the faith with Lenny! He looks mentally exhausted here but he also looks like he's had a massive burden removed! If we all get behind him we could have an outstanding season! If anyone deserves a chance this man does.

Neil Lennon has criticised Sky Sports and bookmakers over their build-up to this afternoon's derby.The Celtic boss watched as his side triumphed 2-0 at Snake Mountain and rarely saw the Zombies trouble his men.

Lennon said he refused to let what he perceived to be unfair coverage disrupt his team's preparations.

"We were an afterthought coming into this fixture" said Lennon.

“I was an afterthought, my board were an afterthought. It was all about the opposition and what they were going to do to us.

“Everyone had written us off in the build-up. The bookies had the Zombies as favourites and I asked why?

“You have to ask Slippy G how it feels going in as favourites. We take it as a slight against us. We were very motivated, we were very hungry. You can’t listen to the noise around the game. You have to stick with what you believe in.

“We didn’t listen to any of it, we stayed strong and played brilliantly.

“It was a perfect performance. We were outstanding. We came here to win and be strong.

“In the first half we bossed it. Scott Brown was outstanding. He’s another one who’s been written off, by the way.

“There were outstanding performances from Boli Bolingoli and Christopher Jullien and I’ve got a front four who are a handful for any team.

“The personality, character and strength of the team was evident when everyone, including some of our own supporters, had written us off.

“There are some amazing players for this club. I don’t want to wax too lyrical about them, but they did a top quality job.

“We’ve always got a bit of purpose. You’re the ones, the so-called experts and pundits, who are giving your opinions.

“You want us to fail because we have been so dominant, but we’re not prepared to give up our title just yet.

“Neither are the players. And neither are the board.”

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