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Scotland's Shame - Dignity ? Yer Havin' A Larff
Scotland's Shame' is an apt description of the now defunct Glasgow Rangers football club and their supporters, and also for the Zombie Huns / Sevco who followed them after their liquidation, with the same supporters but now a new club.

Scotland's Shame' is an apt description of the now defunct Glasgow Rangers football club and their supporters, and also for the Zombie Huns / Sevco who followed them after their liquidation, with the same supporters but now a new club.

Rangers history of sectarianism plus their inability to admit the truth over this, and their bullying of their fellow clubs over the years has lent them this title.

Term was coined around 2007-2008, and gained increased public attention following a banner at a Celtic v Rangers game in 2008

Following their tax avoidance schemes which led to their eventual liquidation in 2012, the term became even more perfectly apt.

We take a look back in anger at some more controversial incidents involving Zombie FC. Those of a nervous disposition should look away now.

The Players

Andy Goram wearing a black armband during a Rankers –v- Celtic match a Ibrox to mourn the ‘loss' of Loyalist terrorist and convicted drug-dealer, Billy Wright. Goram claimed the overt display of solidarity was to mourn the death of.......er.......his elderly Aunt Doris.

Andy Goram posing for photographs alongside numerous UVF Loyalist terrorists and thugs. Rankers players also recently attended a social function in the Middle east where numerous Loyalist terrorists were in attendance.

Andy Goram's persistent alcohol abuse, gambling problems, womanising and marital break-ups – all done in the full glare of the media!

Andy Goram being arrested at gunpoint after becoming embroiled with drunken thugs on a flight from Italy; the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Manchester Airport. This was just one week prior to him joining his new club - Manchester United.

Paul Gascoigne's disgusting and brutal domestic violence that left his wife bruised, battered and physically injured.

Paul Gascoigne's continuous drug and alcohol abuse culminating in him being sent home in shame from France 98 when he hurled abuse at England manager, Glenn Hoddle, before storming out of the team camp at La Manga in Spain, leaving his luggage behind.

Paul Gascoigne defecating in the ‘away' dressing-room jaccuzzi after a Celtic -v- Rankers game at Celtic Park.

Paul Gascoigne mimicking a Loyalist flute player after scoring, as bigoted Rankers fans sang an anti-Catholic hate anthem.

Tore Andre Flo and Ronald de Boer posing for photographs with convicted sectarian murderer, Michael Stone.

Club Captain, Lorenzo Amoruso, racially abusing Victor Ikpeba on the field of play. Amoruso first denied that any such incident had ever taken place, before being forced into a humiliating climb down after learning the incident was recorded by a TV camera. Falsely claiming that he 'had only swore in Italian', TV pictures clearly showed him mouthing a racial obscenity in English.

Club Captain, Terry Butcher, being caught on camera, kicking the ‘Away' dressing-room door off its hinges after a 2-0 defeat at Celtic Park.

Club Captain, Barry Ferguson, getting embroiled in a drunken brawl at a local hotel with rival supporters, after his team had lost to Celtic, 6-2. Instead of attempting to maintain a low profile - for professional as well as personal reasons - Ferguson went home, got changed, and went back out drinking at the same hotel where the previous incident had occurred. Predictably, further trouble ensued, and Ferguson was involved in a drunken brawl and physical assault at a nearby fast-food takeaway.

Club Captain, Barry Ferguson, throwing an icepack at Celtic manager, Martin O'Neill, during a defeat at Ibrox.

Fernando Ricksen having to be physically restrained by Strathclyde Police officers after they arrested him at his Newton Mearns home for drunk driving. Ricksen first claimed he could not speak English, and then that he had been at home all evening. The felled lamppost, and damaged Telecom box - as well as the testament of a number of neighbours - suggested otherwise. Ricksen was later convicted of drunk driving and banned for one year.

Fernando Ricksen viciously kicking Aberdeen player, Darren Young, on the field of play. Ricksen denied there was any malicious intent, until he was caught blatantly lying, after having posted on his own website, that his primary intention was 'to teach him (Young) a lesson by straightening him out.' Ricksen was subsequently banned for three games for his act of thuggery.

Fernando Ricksen brutally elbowing Hibernian youngster, Derek Riordan, in the face during a CIS Cup semi-final. Rankers showed their disgust at this kind of on-field violence, and vowed to stamp out such thuggery. They demonstrated their intent by fining Ricksen a whopping......er.....£10k.

Fernando Ricksen pushing the club chairman, John McClelland, into a hotel swimming pool, ruining his designer suit, mobile phone, digital camera and £12k Cartier watch.

Fernando Ricksen being warned by police to curtail his nocturnal revelry, after being reported by neighbours on his quiet residential estate for setting off extra-loud firework displays at 4:00am. Ricksen showed his contempt for the law by replacing his nocturnal pyrotechnics with 5:00am trampolining sessions with a gaudy Page-3 model he picked up whilst his wife had left the marital home on the grounds of his infantile behaviour. He thanked his neighbours for their concern by slagging them off in a down-market tabloid, and accusing them of the heinous crime of 'being in bed by 11:00pm.'

Graham Roberts orchestrating bigoted Rankers fans in a rendition of a sectarian anthem at Ibrox. The game resulted in a brawl that included two Rankers players being charged and convicted of Affray And Incitement To Cause A Breach Of The Peace.

Nuno Capucho being ejected from a Glasgow nightclub after exposing himself to a female guest, and then accosting her by attempting to have her participate in his drunken sexual act. The fact that he is a married man seems to have been lost on him.

Kevin 'Billy' Muscat blatantly diving during a match in order to have a Partick Thistle player shown a red card. Self-proclaimed hard man, Muscat, was nicknamed ‘Billy' by his team-mates because the name Kevin sounded 'too Catholic' - a kind-hearted gesture action they had previously 'bestowed' upon Kevin Drinkell.

Duncan Ferguson being convicted and imprisoned for his brutal and unprovoked head-butt attack on Raith Rovers player, John McStay, at Ibrox in 1994. Ferguson was sentenced to three months in Barlinnie, and banned for twelve games by the SFA. In total, Ferguson has been convicted of assault no less than four times. That is aside from his convictions for drunk driving of course. His convictions meant he was unable to travel to America with new club, Everton, due to being a convicted felon.

Graeme Souness being involved in numerous on-field incidents, in which he was frequently red-carded. His brutal style of play earned him the nickname of 'the beast', and many players (George McLuskey, Billy Stark, etc) were the subjects of his particularly nasty blend of football tackle. His brutality wasn't reserved purely for the football field, however, and he once had to be physically restrained after lunging towards and threatening a 60-year old tea-lady during a heated confrontation at McDiarmid Park.

Graeme Souness - not being able to buy European success - building a team of brutes who sought to kick their way to victory. His signings included some of the most over-physical players in the entire game at that time (Terry Hurlock, Basile Boli, Derek Ferguson, Graeme Roberts....). Thankfully, for football's sake, he failed miserably, and even ex-players slated his brutal tactics, with Jan Bartram once commenting that Souness had sought to build 'a team of hammer-throwers'.

Ian Durrant and Ted McMinn assaulting a man in Dumfries during an argument in the early hours of the morning. It was probably coincidence that the man happened to be wearing a crucifix.

The provocative and undignified 'mock huddle' by Rankers players on winning the League title. Far from being content and celebrating their win, they obviously felt the requirement to antagonise their opponents by stooping to new depths and confrontational gestures. The condemnation was deafening in its silence.

The Fans

Convicted Loyalist terrorist and UDA Godfather, John Gregg, being ambushed and shot dead by fellow Rankers fans in 2003 after returning to Belfast from a match Ibrox. Gregg had been sentenced to 18 years after a failed assassination attempt on the life of MP Gerry Adams.

Members of the BNP arrested for Loyalist agitation and recruitment activity outside Ibrox stadium. The BNP feel they have a natural empathy with the politics of Rankers fans, with whom they share certain ideals.

Barcelona 1972: The only fans not to witness their club being presented with a trophy in a post-match presentation - Rankers fans were too busy rioting on the field of play at the time. So, the ceremony had to take place.............in a dressing room. Following the match, Rangers fans rioted in the streets outside the ground, clashing with Spanish police and causing extensive damage in the city. Rankers fans also vandalised the exterior of the city's Catholic cathedral, which was daubed with sectarian graffiti. Similar anti-Catholic sentiments were expressed in later years on visits to Parma and Turin.

The only club in football history to be unable to defend their trophy due to the behaviour of their fans. After the rioting that occurred in Barcelona, Rankers received a UEFA five-match ban from European competition.

The outrage by huge sections of the club's support after Rankers ended their sectarian signing policy - eventually - and signed a Catholic after 116 years of existence. The arrival of the said Catholic was met with protests, derision, boycotts and the surrender and burning of numerous Season Books. Fans' leaders appeared in television documentaries in later years, proudly displaying their full and unused Season Books, as a result of their continued non-attendance protest at the presence of a Catholic player at the club.

The sectarian murder of a number of Celtic fans, merely for having the temerity to support Rankers rivals. Once investigated and convicted, the perpetrators have often been found to have grown up in an anti-Catholic environment that encouraged sectarianism and division along football and religious lines. One of these thugs - the son of a convicted Loyalist terrorist - was a diehard Rankers fan, who was defended during his trial by the club's vice-chairman, Donald Findlay QC, himself later forced to resign after a shameful sectarian incident.

The repeated sight and sound of numerous thousands of Rankers fans racially abusing the players of opposition teams, simply because they are black. This behaviour is widespread, blatantly obvious and as yet unpunished by those who administer the ticketing of Rankers fans. This inaction is viewed by many as tacit complicity.

The disgusting and blatant sectarian abuse by Rankers fans towards Celtic player, Neil Lennon. The player has been victimised, brutalised, assaulted, had his property vandalised, and most sinister of all, has had his life threatened. How serious need this get before something is done about the cancerous hatred of these people?

The club being forced to refrain from playing a popular chart song over the Ibrox tannoy at matches due to Rankers fans hijacking it, distorting the words and turning it into a sectarian club anthem.

The persistent and widespread mobbing, looting and fighting by Rankers fans whenever they attend ‘Away' matches involving Rankers FC. A recent, but by no means exhaustive list includes: Feyenoord, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Sunderland, Fulham, Liverpool, Bucharest, Paris..........

Rankers fans being involved in widespread violence and sectarianism during a European tie in Liverpool. The match - against Irish club, Shelbourne - had to be moved to a neutral ground (Tranmere Rovers) because club officials knew that the sectarian Rankers fans could not be trusted to travel to Ireland without the genuine fear that they would cause mayhem and injury. It so proved that they couldn't be trusted to travel to England either. Amidst mopping up the carnage that Rankers fans caused - including smashing the windows of the Shelbourne team bus - Liverpool police commented that Rankers fans would never again be allowed to freely roam the city. If they ever again did have cause to visit, severe policing restrictions would be applied. This has later been proven to be the case as numerous English cities have introduced severe alcohol licensing restrictions when Rankers are scheduled to play there.

The embarrassingly shameful booing and vitriolic hounding of a Rankers player (Shota Arveladze) by the club's own fans, because he had the temerity to bless himself before entering the field of play, during a recent trip to play Linfield in Ireland. For good measure, the Linfield fans abused him as well.

The shameful desecration of silence tributes to football legend Sir Matt Busby, because he was a Catholic, and assassinated US President, John F Kennedy, for the same reason.

The shameful displaying of Loyalist paramilitary banners by sectarian Rankers fans, who glorify those convicted of sectarian murder, and that mock the deaths of their victims. Banners have also been flown denigrating the memory of deceased Celtic players (Johnny Doyle) and of a young Catholic man, who was kicked to death by a sectarian hate-mob wearing Rankers shirts (Robert Hamill). To recreate the assault in which this young man died, sick Rankers fans invented a terracing dance called 'the bouncy' in which they emulate the sickening attack.

Having Rankers fans describe the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11th - and in particular the deaths of hundreds of NYPD and NYFD members - as 'deserving' because some of these brave citizens may (or may not) have been part of the pipe band that welcomed MP Gerry Adams to the USA.

Rankers fans aiming and setting off a pyrotechnic firework in the direction of the Family Section at Celtic Park. Thankfully no-one was seriously injured.

The repeated vandalism of the ‘Away' support section at Celtic Park following a 'visit' by Rankers fans. Although Celtic refuse to discuss the cost of repairs, it is believed to run into thousands of pounds for each and every game.

Numerous arrests and subsequent detention of a number of Rankers fans, who fraudulently tried to pass off counterfeit Euro currency in Stuttgart before a recent Champions League tie.

Causing a near-riot on the stadium concourse at Ibrox after the refreshment stalls were found to be offering green and white straws (part of an assortment) to customers. Threats were issued against staff, and police and stewards had to be called in to restore order. Because of this incident, there are now no green and white straws anywhere to be seen at any of the Ibrox vending stalls.

The Club

Operating a sectarian, non-Catholic signing policy for the first 116 years of its existence. Even employees who were married to Catholics suffered victimisation, including Sir Alex Ferguson, who revealed in his autobiography that he was 'hounded out' of Ibrox because he was guilty of the heinous crime of having a Catholic wife.

Refusing to accept responsibility for the criminal and despicable actions of their players and fans. The club refuse to condemn the guilty parties, and indeed are often seen to condone their behaviour by failing to publicly - or even privately - censure them. There have been numerous incidents over the years in which criminal acts have gone unpunished, and similar despicable acts have been repressed and concealed. Cast your mind back, if you will, to:

David Robertson vandalising parked cars on a drunken binge; Ian Durrant and Derek Ferguson fighting in a kebab shop; Sandy Clark's abuse of Celtic Park ball-boys; Fernando Ricksen's litany of criminality; Paul Gascoigne's brutal domestic violence......………

Many of these incidents have resulted in criminal convictions, yet Rankers have still refused to condemn the guilty parties: for instance, after the kebab shop fracas, even though they'd been found guilty in a court of law. Fernando Ricksen's violent conduct on Derek Riordan for example was dismissed as 'more reckless than violent' and Paul Gascoigne's spousal abuse was dismissed with the throwaway line 'what happens behind closed doors is no-one else's business'.

Rankers Vice Chairman, Donald Findlay, being forced to resign after being caught on a hidden camera singing sectarian and anti-Catholic anthems at a Rankers fans' victory celebration event.

The cynical release of an orange Rankers shirt to appeal to the club's sectarian element - under the guise that they were celebrating the club's Dutch contingent. This profiteering charade was derided by the club's own fans, who disgustedly remarked that they strangely haven't celebrated the Dutch contingent at any other time - before or since. The fact that the current ‘Away' shirt has a sash – sorry, slash - across the chest is a mere coincidence of design.

Only preventing Rankers fan and convicted Loyalist paramilitary, Michael Stone, from attending a Rankers -v- Celtic match, after grave concerns had been expressed by Strathclyde Police.

Refusing to sack Bob Malcolm for signing a Rankers fan's match programme with the sectarian slogan, 'F*ck The Pope'. Despite claiming to be intolerant of such bigoted and hate-filled attitudes, and citing puppet initiatives as evidence of this, Rankers refused to terminate his contract. In my book, actions speak louder than words.

Being pilloried by Radio One for being the only club in Britain not to donate a club shirt to Children in Need.

Being pilloried by ex-director, Hugh Adam, for their ineptitude and mismanagement at Boardroom level.

Being branded 'a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace' by Ian Archer

Being branded 'the stupidest team in Europe' by Christopher L'Archer

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