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Randalstown Hoops - Contacted The Daily Rectum With A Tasty Exclusive
It was reminiscent of a story which appeared on the Randalstown CSC website recently.

It was reminiscent of a story which appeared on the Randalstown CSC website recently.

A few weeks ago one of their members contacted the Daily Rectum with the offer of a very tasty exclusive. The offer was made by means of an e-mail which went along the lines of: “Hi, I am writing to inquire whether your paper would be interested in a video which has a Celtic player and an ex-Celtic player in the middle of Glasgow singing a rebel song. Both players can be seen but it is more evident that the ex-player is certainly singing along to it which happens after 0.59 seconds approx.. Both players are very high profile and I think one is from an Irish background.”

The Record got back within about three minutes with:
“That sounds interesting. Any more details?
Record newsdesk.”

The reply was, “Hi, The picture is very clear and both players are instantly identifiable. You see the current Celtic player after about half a minute and as I said the former player after about 1 minute. I am at present waiting to hear back from other parties. There is another Celtic player in the piece but he does not appear to be singing.”

Within two minutes the newshounds were back on the line: “Ok. How do we get a look at the video? It’s unfortunate that we don’t have it exclusively... (if it is good quality)”

Another exchange of e-mails once again saw the Record staffer back on after a few minutes, clearly salivating at the prospect of a front page to remember: “Well, keep us posted on what u intend to do with it as I am sure there would be much interest at this end.

The Randalstown bhoy sent them a reply some time later with a link to the video: “Nobody has got back so I am prepared to pass it onto the Record. Is it possible we could come to some arrangement after you see the video. As I said it is three Celtic players, two current and one former player, with the former player and one current all singing a rebel song. You will see I have told the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. Please get back asap to discuss agreement.”

The link was to a You Tube video of the TV cameras panning along the Scotland team before the last international at Hampden with ‘Flower of Scotland’ blaring away in the background. Gary Caldwell, Stephen McManus and Kenny miller are all singing away merrily.

Flower of Scotland??? Thought the Record.

Our intrepid Randalstown man replied: “Hi, I told the truth all along. If you care to look. Celtic players, past and present singing a rebel song which Flower of Scotland is. Ohhhh, I know what you were thinking.”

It’s enough to drive any self-respecting hack to drink, so it is, and if there are any members of the Laptop Loyal reading this who do take the occasional tipple, may we recommend a bottle of King Billy Bitter, as reviewed on the excellent website beers of the world.com.

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