Charlie Patrick Tully

 voc1967    31 Aug 2020 : 12:01
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Charles Patrick Tully.

Charles Patrick Tully . . . the name, still magic to many of Scotland‘s soccer fans is synonymous with the golden post-war days of football when the poorly-paid, highly-priced entertainers of that time made the turnstyles click to a boom only equalled by the unqualifled success of Celtic and 1n a smaller way Rangers today.

Charlie much to his discomfort, had to admit to being born on the 12th of july in Belfast. His great friends of his early period at Parkhead like Pat McAulay and Jock Weir seldom let him forget it-but the Irishman with his quick-witted ability to switch defence into attack as he did on the field, soon had them on the receiving end. I first met Charlie in 1946 in Belfast. I was enjoying a short holiday after a tonsil operation, and the Belfast boy was also recovering from a slight operation.

For the next few weeks I saw Belfast Celtic in action every Saturday. Charlie Tully and Jack Vernon were the stars of the side, and when I returned to Glasgow I told the Celtic management all about these two great Irish players .

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