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Peter Lawwell Is Every Inch The Small Time Operator
He might get paid the wages of a top level EPL chief executive but Peter Lawwell is every inch the small time operator he's always been.

He might get paid the wages of a top level EPL chief executive but Peter Lawwell is every inch the small time operator he's always been.

For seventeen years his decisions have seen us alternate between creeping incrementally forward and reverting to where we were.

Any steps forward we've taken since then have been despite him and frankly because our only rivals imploded.

He mistook our dominance in his time here as being due to his decisions when in fact he's rarely done anything but line his own pockets.

People who have met him know what he's like: a puffed-up, smug ars.ehole. eff knows where he gets this from, he's clearly incompetent when it comes to football matters; an area where he believes he's qualified but in 17 years has been littered with eff up after almighty mess up.

Yet still he chunters on, fancying himself as director of football supreme.

If that rumour about him going at the end of the season is true it shows what he's all about. Having a legacy, and that legacy was supposed to be 10IAR.

Ten In A Row, brought to you by Peter Lawwell. Well, you've eff it now Pistol Pete. He put having a yes man in place to make his life easier over what was best for getting results on the park.

One of the most ignominious mees ups in the history of Celtic, brought to you by Peter Lawwell.

Lennon has to go but Celtic will never be free until Lawwell is hunted from the club.

Also notable that the two most successful managerial appointments of his tenure - Strachan and Rodgers - were effectively made by Desmond.

The scenes last night weren't pretty and I don't condone attacking police officers but last night was much more than just last night, it was the tipping point for a lot of people who have financially supported the club and the team in the toughest of financial circumstances for a lot of people that have lost their jobs or

Last night's actions made it easy for the board to deflect from months of garbage performances but they've had their heads in the sand with fingers in their ears if they think that kind of action comes about only from being beaten at home by Ross County.

They can't come out and have their mouth pieces call the fans entitled or that the disliking of Lennon's tenure is in the minority without sparking action from the fans, it's us who have kept them in their jobs with season tickets nobody can use and rattling through millions of pounds of new Adidas gear since the summer watching them get knocked out of Europe twice with the worst 2 legged result in our history at the hands of Sparta Prague.

The board can't take the support (and the money) for granted, still sending out fecking Cyber Monday discount codes the morning after last night without any official sign that Lennon would be removed and other problems within the club would be sorted in the short or long term. Utter brass necks.

What we’re witnessing is classic arrogance and delusion from a board which has been in place far too long and had no competition for far too long.

They’d convinced themselves that the last decade has been a glorious period of unprecedented success and that their legacy would be ten in a row, quadruple trebles, etc, when the reality has been continued failure in Europe and chronic lack of ambition at a time when our only domestic rivals were on their knees.

The chickens are coming home to roost and those in power are lashing out because they can’t face the reality that they’re entirely to blame for what is happening.

Lawwell is beyond approach at Celtic. His boardroom or more appropriately his fiefdom is packed out with subservient puppets whose sole purpose is to approve his bloated bonus, year in year out. They wouldn’t know a Celtic fan from their own pampered arses.

Those looking for Neil Lennon to be replaced will eventually get their wish, no doubt about that, he is done, no matter how much he doesn’t want to be, he is out, just a matter of time.

Unfortunately it looks like Lawwell gets the job of finding his replacement so don’t be holding your breath looking for a “progressive” or experienced appointment. That simply does not suit this overpaid chancers “business model.

Take out our best 2 appointments of the past 20 years – MON & BR, nothing to do with Lawwell then have a look at the type of “talent” he has recruited

Gordon Strachan - available and willing to work on a dwindling budget. Shafted by the penny-wise Lawwell on the Willo Flood window which allowed the Huns to regain the ascendancy.

Tony Mowbray – a desperate, expensive gamble after Lawwell was jilted at the alter by his preferred option of Owen Coyle. Ended in disaster on a cold night in Paisley.

Neil Lennon – 1st time. Should never have been near the Celtic job but was a better option than paying out again for some experience after the Mowbray debacle.

Ronnie Delia – Originally signed to help out Lennon after Lennon’s 2 pals Mjallby & Thompson were given the boot by Lawwell. Given the main gig when Lennon opted to walk for the high life of Bolton.

Neil Lennon – 2nd time – should have been no more than a stop gap after Rogers bailed out mid-season. The unbelievable “shower scene” after the treble treble was secured remains a massive kick in baws to Celtic fans who knew this appointment was a dreadful lack of ambition.

A breathtaking collection of talent I’m sure you’d agree for a “club like no other” – That list alone should have seen the overpaid Leech hunted out the doors long ago

Sadly with him at the helm the next sacrificial lambs are likely to be no better than a Kennedy & Brown combo. That will be the extent of his ambition. His preferred option before Desmond appointed Rogers was Alan Stubbs!!

He does not want an experienced, competent manager, they are way more trouble than he can handle, if in doubt watch the press conference of the BR appointment with the sound down, his face tripping him because he had been handed BR’s “requirement list” prior to going out to meet the MSM. There is only room for 1 ego at Celtic, be in no doubt about that.

Neil Lennon is getting it big time at the minute, so are the players, it is hard to argue with the feelings of the fans but the main target should always be this overpaid fraud, he has been holding back our club for well over a decade and has been paid handsomely for the privilege

Nothing will truly change until he is chased out the door .

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