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Pat The Rat Nevin - I Will Savour Every Moment
In the past Tv pundit Pat Nevin said he has turned his back on Celtic because of sectarian songs sung during matches.

In the past Tv pundit Pat Nevin said he has turned his back on Celtic because of sectarian songs sung during matches.

Pat the rat Nevin grew up supporting Celtic. He switched his support to Hibernian after feeling that his boyhood club had become a large corporate organisation and the Celtic Park stadium no longer felt like home..

Another reason he said was Celtic fans chanting IRA songs . If Nevin’s morals prevent him from supporting Celtic it seems strange he now supports a club where some fans believe ‘refugee’ is a fitting term for abuse and homophobia is regarded as terrace banter. It’s equally surprising he has no issue with supporting Chelsea. 

Pat Nevin - I Will Savour Every Moment

Celtic v Everton Programme

For one Everton player today's game is sure to be almost a homecoming . because Pat Nevin , former Celtic Boys Club player , part-time art critic and all round good egg has never hidden his love of Glasgow's great East End club , nor for a past that included regular visit's to Celtic Park to watch his boyhood heroes .

For me today is going to be very special . the opportunity to play at Celtic Park is something i have hoped would happen since i became a professional footballer nine years ago .

The nearest i have previously come to doing so was playing in the bounce games behind the goal while an "s" form signing with the club . Even though i did play against Celtic for Clyde in an under 18 match , that took place at Shawfield so you can see why i have been excited about today's match since its announcement . Celtic Park holds a lot of special moments for me .

As a young boy my father used to take me to watch games regularly and i was fortunate enough to see many of The Lisbon Lions in action . like so many other supporters my complete hero was Jimmy Johnstone .

No one can ever say enough about "Jinky" . He was a genius and one of the few few world class players we have had in britain in recent years . Having just caught the end of the great '67 team , i also enjoyed watching the initial appearances of many of the 'Quality Street Kids' , Kenny Dalglish , Lou Macari , David Hay , George Connelly and Danny McGrain .

All were players of skill and quality and great influence to me as a youngster . It was here at Celtic Park that i witnessed the game which remains my most amazing as my days as a spectator . Any other certainly pales into insignificance .

I was in the Jungle when Celtic defeated rangers 4-2 in 1979 to win the championship and i will never forget the drama of that Monday evening . I actually got a friend of mine a ticket for the game as a birthday present and he still thanks me to this day .

The scenes , the celebration when thta fourth goal flew into the roof of the net are still vivid in my mind . Most of my best memories of matches have been from the Jungle and as a supporter it really is the only place to be .

That is another reason i have been looking forward to the match To play in front of the fans in that enclosure is the fulfillment of a long held ambtion .

I am delighted to be returning to Celtic Park in the match which signals the home debuts of John Collins and Martin Hayes and the return of Charlie Nicholas . It is great to see Charlie back at Celtic Park , he is a talented player and is now with the club that most suites his style .

John Collins is also a great acquisition . I know a lot of people have been excited by his arrival .

The transfers have also been importan in showing how determined Celtic are to regain their position as thee top team in Scottish football .

Colin Harvey our manager has also been long excited about this afternoon having long had leanings towards Celtic . Kevin Sheedy is another who is delighted about the prospect of todays game . For myself it is obviously going to be a big day .

When you go back to your native city and your kith and kin , it is natural to want to do well . Whatever happens in the match i am determined to savour every moment.

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