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Celts Are Here


  • Celtic Diary Monday May 17: Aggressive Form Of Cancer Devastates City

    When a cancer returns, it is frequently more aggressive than its original, and we’ve seen how it can do devastating damage this weekend.   A few days ago, when the citizens of Glasgow rose as one to prevent a Home …
  • The Season End Podcast

    Hector, Monty, Ralph and Desi get together to say a great big THANK F*** that this season is finally over. They look back on Broonys wonderful Celtic career and wis him all the best. They also look forward to the …
  • Celtic Diary Saturday May 15: The Real Brown Legacy

    Nothing changes does it ?   The new CEO, Dominic McKay met with supporters and online media people last week, and the upshot seems to be firstly, he hasn’t got a plan in place at all, and secondly, he might …
  • J’Accuse

      Timposter points out a few uncomfortable home truths, and wonders if we have reached the bottom yet…   So here we are………the culmination of years of appeasement to this Celtic PLC Board.   A blind eye to the underhand …
  • Celtic Diary Wednesday May 12: Scott Brown. Good Luck And Thanks For The Memories

    Celtic take on St Johnstone tonight as the potential cup double winners look to get some game time before they attempt to put their name in the history books.   Their opponents in the final, Hibernian, get a try out …
| Date published: Mon, 17 May 2021 07:52:45 +0000
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