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 The Zombies' Scottish Premiership title hopes suffered a potentially decisive blow after two late Kilmarnock goals left them 10 points behind Celtic.

 The Zombies' Scottish Premiership title hopes suffered a potentially decisive blow after two late Kilmarnock goals left them 10 points behind Celtic.

Slippy Gerrard's side conceded twice in the last 13 minutes to drop points for the third time in five league games.

Stephen O'Donnell cancelled out Scott Arfield's stunning opener amid controversy before a dramatic finale.

First, Alfredo Morelos had a goal ruled out for a push, before Eamonn Brophy lashed in with two minutes left.

 The Zombies still have a game in hand over Celtic, but their destiny is no longer in their own hands as they attempt to stop their city rivals winning a record-equalling ninth consecutive title.

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Unless people are implying refs only started cheating us after the winter break then it's pretty clear what the larger problem is.

We've been absolutely fckn stinking since the break.

Post 2 Why do folk seem to think that us playing shite can’t coincide with a cheating referee.

That bastard Beaton cost us 3 points at Pittodrie after a shite second half by not awarding us a penalty.

He’s just fûcking robbed us again with about 5 incorrect game changing decisions going against us.

He’s a cheating rat bastard.

Post 3 Honestly %^*& off peddling this shite.
Dicker dives no yellow.
Morelos is pushed twice in the box and gets a yellow.
Morelos is pushed again to the floor no penalty.
Burke 1v1 behind Kent and magically wins the ball.
Morelos legitimate goal chopped off.
Their equaliser a hand ball.

Post 4  Agree. Kent - complete waste of £7million, was not convinced at that and would have rather seen a couple other players come in than all that spent on him. We’ve had what 4 or 5 decent games out of him and nothing in the rest. Add in last year and it’s maybe a dozen at most.

Post 5 What did we expect re Kent?

He has shown no more and no less than he did on loan last season.

Last season, he was a big player in big games and often anonymous in others. This season....guess what, he's been a big player in certain big games and largely been anonymous in others.

Ryan Kent isn't letting us down. He's performing roughly where I expected him to given what I saw of him whilst on loan.

Whether anyone likes it or not, a £7 million outlay on him was financially irresponsible and, look, I don't blame Ryan Kent, he's performing to the level he did last season, the people paying the cheques though.....fiscally insane.

Post 6 Outplayed for the 2nd 45 minutes n he changed nothin. Perfect time for Jones if the gaffer doesn’t rate him why’s he on the bench I loved SG but he’s out of his depth.

Post 7 9 in a row and a quadruple treble almost a certainty for them

He cant and wont survive this

His game management is absolutely deplorable

Post 8 Stevie wonder could see that happening tonight, if Gerrard couldn’t well maybe he isn’t the manager we hope he is

Post 9 As heartbreaking as it is I don’t think he’s the man to win us a title. He’s brought us a long, long way but his game management is absolutely horrendous. The tactics are over complicated and haven’t worked since new year yet he hasn’t changed it.
We haven’t been helped by he refs cheating us week on week.

Just awful management yet again tonight. How we’ve managed not to win never mind lose is quite something.

Something has to change with him or it’s not going to happen.

Post 10 SG will never win a title with Rangers. Sad to say it but he is well out of his depth. Name me another rangers manager 10 points behind in February who would survive... No one.
Zero confidence in SG now.

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