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“I see no cause for alarm,

“I see no cause for alarm,
No reason to get downhearted,
They tried to say our time is past,
Hell, it hasn't even started.”

These lines were written by a well renowned Scottish folk singer / songwriter about the disarray among the Left in the wake of the collapse of Soviet Socialism. Trawling through the forums in Celtic Cyberspace has kept the words of Dick Gaughan's song to the forefront of my mind these past few weeks.

Despite protestations from some sections of the Celtic support and much to the glee of the press pack (apt that the collective noun for a group of journalists is the same as that for dogs!) there is no cause for alarm for those of a hooped persuasion. Rather, I would contend it is time to start enjoying the buzz of a real title race and to start playing our part by providing real support to our team.

I feel inspired to write again in the face of an increasingly fickle and expanding section of the Celtic support who seem hell bent on putting a great big downer on every little problem or challenge we are facing this season. I do not write in defence of the Manager or under-performing players, but there is a need for some of our number to ‘get real'.

I am increasingly concerned that Celtic supporters are losing touch with reality. We are in there competing for this League title. We have three opportunities left to right the wrongs of the Champions League. Cast your mind back 25 years and ask what were we competing for then?

If we, as a support, allow the players space to get into their stride and don't berate every stray pass and start crapping ourselves every time we give the ball away, we might find a more relaxed and fluid Celtic performance.

Get behind the team. Get behind the Manager. Back them and do what the title “supporters” suggests - SUPPORT THE TEAM! Let us genuinely be the Twelfth Man (or Woman!).


Posted by voc1967 on Monday 26 August 2019 - 11:48:11 | Comments (1)  |  printer friendly
  • Lizardking @ 27 Aug 2019 : 15:05
    Is it to much for us fans to actually back the team instead of sitting greeting at every single little thing ? To many people are more interested us certain people failing so they can say , I told you so , supportung your team is not a crime .
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