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'GET WELL SOON' Matt McGlone
CELTIC magazine boss Matt McGlone has suffered a heart attack, his daughter has revealed.

CELTIC magazine boss Matt McGlone has suffered a heart attack, his daughter has revealed.

The 64-year-old was hospitalised on Saturday after suffering from health complications.

His daughter Kirsty took to social media to share the news with fellow supporters.McGlone, a former Celtic employee and editor of the Alternative View magazine, runs a T-shirt design and printing business for fans.

And Kirsty informed followers that future orders will be put on hold until her dad’s condition is clearer..

She tweeted: “Unfortunately my dad @MattMcGlone9 suffered a heart attack yday and is currently hospitalised.

“As a result, T-shirt orders placed will be shipped by the end of the week. Until we establish the seriousness of his condition, there will (be) at least a 3/4 week delay on future orders.”

Hoops fans flooded the replies with messages of support.

One fan wrote: “Sorry to hear wishing him a speedy recovery.”

Another supporter posted: “I wish him all the very best for a speedy recovery. One of the good guys. Best wishes to you all at this difficult time.”

Matt McGlone formed and ran the 'Once A Tim' fanzine as a way to push a harder edge on tackling the old board. Belligerent and blunt, there were no two ways with Matt McGlone's fanzine in their part to oust the old board and push Celtic's cause.

Later during the Celtic Takeover Years he became involved with and helped to manage the 'Celts For Change' group, and in effect became the public face of the group for public sound-bites on the news etc.

He was there at the meetings and took pride of place amongst the victors when the board was ousted, but even before then his story saw him involved in some interesting episodes:

After the takeover, he decided to end the 'Once A Tim' fanzine as he believed that its role was primarily to help fight and oust the old board and would be wrong to keep it going in light of their aim having being achieved. Shame as it had a lot of life in it, and the internet wasn't around then, so fanzines played an important part in communication with the fans.

Later he was invited by Celtic Chief Executive Fergus McCann to apply his energies in a similar manner but from within by doing a large column in the Celtic View taking a fan's eye view. Matt was a lifetime celtaholic who would have found it impossible to refuse such an offer. Problem is that he was given a lot of free reign, and the self-admittedly strong opinionated and blunt Matt McGlone created a lot of friction within Celtic (with players and staff) on some his views from the columns.

He was thus easy to fall out with and at one point the players organised a boycott after a particular rant in one of his columns. The fracas lasted three weeks and required the intervention of Tommy Burns to calm things down. None of the players would talk to him during this period and made production of the Celtic View difficult, the particular 'offensive' headline being something like 'Not fit to wear the Hoops'. This is obviously a tad awkward when you are writing for an in-house paper. Similar situations occurred through the Venglos season and into John Barnes and Kenny Dalglish's time in charge at the club.

In time, internal politics meant he had to leave the Celtic View. To be an outspoken fan within an organisation which, to a strong degree, was seen as punting 'the party line' for the good ship Celtic, was difficult.

However, he kept up the writing and set up 'The Alternative View' fanzine with a strong launch and impressive initial format clearly set up to challenge the Celtic View. The initial A4 glossy format quickly bombed when advertising revenue failed to kick in, but the magazine was later relaunched and then relaunched again, and has enjoyed sustained success. A difficult task in the current environment taking in the rise and power of the internet and the Celtic forums in particular.

He was later honoured along with his colleagues from  with a plaque in front of Celtic Park, dedicated to their contribution & effort to the Celtic support during the Celtic Takeover days. Very well deserved too.

His love for the club can never be questioned, and his part (with his colleagues) in the downfall of the old Biscuit Tin board can never be understated.

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