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Celtic won the Scottish Cup for the first time in 1892 in what was only their fourth entry in the tournament.

Celtic won the Scottish Cup for the first time in 1892 in what was only their fourth entry in the tournament.

On the next two pages are pictures of the teams that were expected to play in the final at Ibrox; there were, however, changes that were necessary after the newspaper supplement that was produced had gone to press.

The famous Queen’s Park right back Walter Arnott had to withdraw, and Donald Sillars was switched from right half, with John Gillespie coming in at right half. It was my father’s second Scottish Cup final; he had played in the club’s first-in their first season.

Not one of the crowd of nearly 40,000 was to know that the game was to be indecisive, and I don’t mean that it resulted in 2 draws ,, a newspaper account of the pre-match scenes said:

“The scenes on the way to the final will long be remembered ; in fact there was never anything approaching them in the history of the game. As early as noon-four hours before the time of starting-people began to wend their way towards Ibrox and by 2 o’clock the ground was packed.

Thirteen special trains and several ordinary arrived at Ibrox Station. Under Captain Hamilton over 100 constables were on duty beside four on horseback.

“An hour before the kick-off the pressure on the terracing was so great that the crowd invaded the field of play. The strenuous and tactful efforts of the police, however, managed to restore orders ..

During the game itself there were several interruptions of several minutes in order to clear the pitch of encroaching spectators.

Celtic won the match 1-0 but they had not yet won the Cup, for unknown to all but the ohicials and players it had been agreed at halftime that because of the encroachment on the field by some of the crowd the game should continue as a friendly match.

Johnny Madden and Bob Smellie were unable to turn out in the replay. Peter Dowds moved forward to be Celtic’s centre forward with Pat Gallacher taking over at left half. It had been decided by the S.F.A. that admission charges should be doubled and the attendance was little more than half of that of the first game. This time there was no doubting Celtic’s superiority and they won 5-1. This was the first great Celtc season ; when it ended they had won the Glasgow Cup and the Glasgow Charity Cup also .

By Sir Robert Kelly -from his book Celtic

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